Bizhouse Meets the Street!

October 25, 2013

Went to the Horizontal Rail, Had this trick on my mind for years, Head Pick / Ron Burgundy. I ride Flat first and Foremost but am a Fan of Real Street. Natural Environment. I see Grinds or Stalls on everything but the Head tube. Now Get out there and Do a Burgundy on everything you […]


Decade Hop

October 18, 2013

As Seen on FlatMatters Decade Hop! Thanks E! we here at Bizhouse Appreciate everything you do for BMX and Flatland. Worlds



October 6, 2013

A True Story of a Orange Pedal and Its Journey In Southern California. Enjoy


Eating it with a Smile!

October 3, 2013

Eating it with a Smile! Well the day started Great I mailed a Rockville BMX sticker to MD right down the street from the Classic spot where Spike Jones Worked. The 5th Anniversary GT / Dyno Show was insane “the Plywood Hoods’ were there. the Sticker toss was like Blizzards of Triangles and Squares. Then […]


Rich Upjohn

September 28, 2013

ConGrats to Rich UpJohn for Winning the Bizhouse Boomarang event at the Fracas Event! Thanks to Rick Macdonald for putting it together! New England!Below are some Words from Rick Enjoy #Fracas What is Bizhouse? Is it a person, place or thing? Is it a bike parts company? Is it just a “wild and crazy guy” […]


Shawn T VS The Thing – Part DUECE!!

September 18, 2013

Ah The Battle Begins With The Sacramento “THING”! This Edit Shows a great Western Show Down Between Two Six Foot Two Foot Westerners With Handle Bar Mustaches In The Spaghetti Western Days Out West When The Time Was Western and the West was Won by the West. Out West was the Tale of SHAWN T […]


Flat Signal

July 5, 2013

I was Lucky enough to attend the Fireworks on the 4th of July in San Diego! as I was enjoying the Fireworks I heard over a Loud Bull Horn “this ones for you Bizhouse” I looked up in the Sky and they Blasted a Giant Star. Resembling the Flat Signal in the Sky! at that […]


Bizhouse Ocean Star

July 2, 2013

  The Carter Doctors Supplied this Photo! Thank You, the Location? Where ever doctor Money Takes ya! No Photoshop on this Star, even the Ocean Riders run the Bizhouse Orange Gym Grips, the purpose of the Gym grip was if it Rains no Throttle Grips. that can ruin a good Riding Session. I know for […]


O No What Happen?

June 27, 2013

TS told us a while ago that Flatland instead of going in circles it should be doing flips. Now I know what you’re thinking,,, but this was a case of Miami Hop Hops to Front flip. Now if you know wild style these tricks are full throttle. As Im watching this attempt I can see […]


Parents – teach your kids how to dress please

April 14, 2013