O No What Happen?

June 27, 2013
TS told us a while ago that Flatland instead of going in circles it should be doing flips. Now I know what you’re thinking,,, but this was a case of Miami Hop Hops to Front flip. Now if you know wild style these tricks are full throttle. As Im watching this attempt I can see how he has a 3 hop set up then a big hop. On the Big hop is Where I’m guessing the Front flip was going to get thrown. Picture this trick in your mind then picture you in a Miami Hop Hop you are already half way to the Front Flip or Half way to Healing!, And thats not an Ac/Dc song. All for this Trick, Committed in my mind as well. waiting ever 3 hops for this big trick. “let’s see it” yells a guy just watching I say Yeah lets See the Metal Version of the Miami Hop Hop! On the third Hop I see the Compression and Here we Go, Well after seeing the Hawk FFL on the Ground with a Taco for a front wheel and the rest of the bike in a Table’ Im kicking myself for not running Video on this Attempt.
Email Us if you would like to see this trick pulled!

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