Shawn T VS The Thing – Part DUECE!!

September 18, 2013

Ah The Battle Begins With The Sacramento “THING”! This Edit Shows a great Western Show Down Between Two Six Foot Two Foot Westerners With Handle Bar Mustaches In The Spaghetti Western Days Out West When The Time Was Western and the West was Won by the West. Out West was the Tale of SHAWN T vs. “THING” a Western tale Not a Western about the West. Location was West of John Wayne’s House and West side of the Capital Building in Sacramento. Westerns out West are the best because you are West already so to travel any more West would not be a Western in the West. You don’t do a Western in the Upper Reigns in Stradachuck National forest There’s Billy’s and Light Feet in them Parts! So stay Tuned to this Western Ahead. Like I said before this is a Western Tale but it is not a Western. This Spawned from the Gnar Whip At Mike’s Bikes out West. When Manger Wayne Sigmund went on break on a Dare he mixed Pedros  Grease and White Lighting Dry Chain Lube instead of Creamer in Coffee. Well that Turned Wayne up So Much he Grabbed a Beach Cruiser and Threw the Gnar Whip, to then Now a full Transformation of the Sacramento “THING”!  Be Ware…

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