Rich Upjohn

September 28, 2013

Rich Upjohn win

ConGrats to Rich UpJohn for Winning the Bizhouse Boomarang event at the Fracas Event! Thanks to Rick Macdonald for putting it together! New England!Below are some Words from Rick Enjoy #Fracas

What is Bizhouse? Is it a person, place or thing? Is it a bike parts company? Is it just a “wild and crazy guy” with a closet full of doodads for 20″ bikes? Is it a one-man think tank producing some far out ideas that could change everything, or could just as easily never come to light? Is Bizhouse left behind, or is it light years ahead?? Is Bizhouse an outsider, or an insider? Where is this stuff manufactured, anyway? What’s more important to the world, Bizhouse’s past, present, or its future? What’s a Henway? ( about three pounds ) Is there a Bizhouse HQ, or is it simply a nomadic entity that leads a Forrest Gump-style existence? Does Bizhouse find adventure, or does adventure find Bizhouse? How does Bizhouse do it? What does it need to thrive? Does Bizhouse need you? Does your bike need Bizhouse parts? Maybe you just don’t know it yet. Your bike knows. Can Bizhouse get you on the red carpet? Is it that easy, or next to impossible? Bizhouse may be neither new or improved, does that make it not important? What makes or breaks relevance? Bizhouse might know. Is BMX serious business? If not, (or if so), Bizhouse knows the answer. FANO. All the things a rider dreams of, Bizhouse has done it. Create, Stagnate, Innovate, Obliterate!

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