Eating it with a Smile!

October 3, 2013

Eating it with a Smile! Well the day started Great I mailed a Rockville BMX sticker to MD right down the street from the Classic spot where Spike Jones Worked. The 5th Anniversary GT / Dyno Show was insane “the Plywood Hoods’ were there. the Sticker toss was like Blizzards of Triangles and Squares. Then I pedal off to find a new spot to ride. something with soft concrete. Well I go to a Spot I did a Girls Birthday Party, I sat her mom in a folding chair under the hoop and showed her Flatland up Close and it was not even her moms B-day, Well enough of that So I’m at the spot Messin’ with some Boomarangs, my favorite Trick still. because its flow and it goes all the way around. Instead of doing a trick on the same side, Nor Cal Rule – go all the way through and come out the other side! or sell your bike. I think it goes something like that. Gabe Weed and Andrew Arroyo yell that at me for years so its imbedded in my mind,,, side note ~ I seen Aron Dull do a Backyard – Backward Floating Decade ~ to Back yard on Sean Mckinney’s Bike. Moreno Valley,CA now that’s Nor Cal ~ So I’m ready to Rock. and take it straight to front flip! Thanks Flatland I always fall for you Every time !

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