flatland Planking

March 21, 2013



Wippin’ it out at work!!!

March 13, 2013

Yes, he pulled this out at work. Super Gnar Beach Cruiser Whip!



If you notice the Handlebar Mustache’ in the middle of this Whip? that is what set off the whole SHAWN T vs “THING” Battle. that is for the trivia later. look at the full Stoke’em Meter here. 1 full Handlebar Mustache’ 2 tail whip on a beach cruiser 3 brakeless 4 in Mike’s Bikes in Sacramento California 5 the kick foot is way higher then the stem thats full commitment 6 the door is open for a Gnar Sale on White Lighting Dry Chain Lube.

I got a couple of e mails about the wheels did they Taco? come out of true? Spoke blow out on the non drive side? Answer to that is No to all. That Beach Cruiser and Many other Bikes are on Sale and Full on Whip able Just ask For “Thing” at Mikes Bikes. Its on I street stands for I ride. the total Bad part about this story is if you look behind where the back wheel is gonna land on the show room floor there is a plate glass show case. Well after the back wheel came around to full Tail Whip that Glass spider webbed and the sign on it reads “ask the guy in the back how this happened”

Ty Ty


I am getting my funky bunch on!!!

March 13, 2013



To many biscuits in the heat of disposition!!!

February 22, 2013

I knew this day would come. Shawn has completely lost his marbles. I warned him about those biscuits.


Mirra’s gold is now my bling

February 14, 2013


yeah baby!!!

So it’s a clear sunny day out on the Boardwalk in Newport Beach, California. Valentine’s Day to be exact. I was on my LTF looking for a good spot to ride, then out of the corner of my eye I saw a Gold Flash like Full Bling Bike! “Every time I’m in your city Bling Bling, Pinky ring worth about Fiddy, Bling Bling”  I see an OS rider and said,”hey where’d you get that Bike?” I was thinking of the Woody Incident with his Gold Hutch, he got it back, Now I’m thinking Aw Man some one Stole Dave Mirra’s Gold X-Games Bikes, I was gonna Play it cool then Hit up Dave and get him his bike back.

I look at the guy, it was the guy in BMXPlus who restores the bikes, I said you got my Hart pumping on that one, I was about to turn into S-Dogg the Bike Hunter! instead I said let me ride that knuckle Dragger, Ha. after riding this Solid Gold BMX Bike I could not stop thing of Austin Powers Gold Member Movie. The bike was super Dialed, He said dont do nothing to bend those rims I said “I got this” and took off!

I still have the bike if anyone wants it, Just buy 100 Dialyser Stems and Code word Gold Member!

Thanks Ride On!



Backpacker + Tandem = Pimptacular

August 9, 2012


Tandem Steamroller – enough said

August 9, 2012


All hail the “Shawn”

June 11, 2012

“Yes, Yes. Shawn is here for you all…. ” – Las Low



I do agree with Las Low I am Here for you All! If you Love BMX like I do. Las Low is The Guy Behind the Web Page He is actually more Smart the Metal, Now to me thats fully Smart Ha Ha HA, There is a Movie where I Guy Lives in A Closet In A Dorm, Well this Master Degree Holder Lived in A dorm And Is Whiz Kid Make a R2D2 Cousin out of a WiFi Charger an a coffee Maker, Smart, yes Project out of the led red light and all, steam, Froth, All of it. and not the new style lil creamer size coffee shots. Straight Old School Alarm Drip Coffee Maker Hotel Room Kind. he also has a friend in Canada.

O Does Las Low Ride? well Let me tell ya He Rides a Yellow Dyno Slammer 2004. Dennis Langlais Hooked him up with a complete for Insane amount of Web Code and Work. So yes he rides. So yes BMX owner and operated ! 100% down to the Web Master. NOw I know your Thinking does He Have Swipes on a Bike or TRiple Decades with scuffs in between? No but he can Web it out like no other!



One Handed Steam Spirit

June 7, 2012

“Yes my left one took a beating today” – Pope Las Low



Was at a School Show Today! And had a min to take some Flatland Pics. Got the White Prototype Dialyser Bar on the LTF over a year old and still Running Strong. This Ground was Perfect Pavement a real dream come true. Aged concrete with a lite very lite coating of Tar Smooth with Grip Ha. The Location is in California near the 14 freeway off the 5 north leaving Santa Monica… SNL Joke. Always wear your Helmet while Riding your bike thats just one of the messages at the show.

The History of the one handed Steam Roller, Well way back in the Hoffman BS Comp series before the X-Games. Matt Gibson was doing the Switch Handed Steam Rollers. I loved the trick But could not roll it, So I practiced the trick just holding the seat In the HB lot across from the Hilton and hopped on the leg not on the peg. After about 23,000 hops on one leg I started to just roll that trick. Then I could finally grab the inside grip and do Matt Gibson’s Trick? He is one of the Oklahoma Riders All those Guys Rule on Bikes!

Thanks to Both Matt’s!


My head is pimptastic!

April 5, 2012